DWD Makai Regulator

The Makai regulator delivers top-of-the line performance and features without the hype. This regulator delivers smooth and dry breathing at any recreational depth. Balanced first and second stage construction, combined with amazing light weight, translates into the perfect regulator for home or travel use. First Stage • Yoke with balanced diaphragm • Rotating turret with 2 HP and 4 LP ports • Chrome on marine
brass construction • Compatible with up to EAN 40/Nitrox 40% right out of box • CE approved
2nd Stage • Pneumatically balanced for the ultimate in breathing performance • Inhalation control knob allows diver to adjust the inhalation effort • Integrated venturi lever to prevent free flow • Exhaust
tee channels bubbles out of field vision • Comfort mouthpiece to eliminate jaw fatigue • 29-inch hose • CE approved

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Reviewed on ScubaLab

Innovative Scuba Concepts Makai
“The Makai’s solid performance and extras, such as its Venturi switch, are not usually found at this price and made this scuba regulator a favorite among a few of our test divers.”
Jon Whittle

The Makai’s second stage is similar to that of its little brother, the Honu, but with the addition of a breathing adjustment that divers rated very good for effectiveness. The diaphragm first stage is quite different from the Honu, with a swiveling turret and two HP ports, helping the Makai tie the top scores in the category for ease of setup. On the simulator, the Makai was rated excellent at recreational depth and good down to our deepest test depth. Test divers, several of whom remarked on its quiet operation, gave it very good scores for ease of breathing in swim and head-down positions and very good for dry operation in all positions. Some found the purge a bit abrupt, and the Venturi just adequate. But with solid performance and extras not usually found at this price, the Makai made it onto multiple divers’ list of favorites. Only available as a Dealers with doors product.

Highly recommended by ScubaLab and a leading certification agency.

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