Galaxy Video Light II

The new Galaxy II video light will exceed all your expectations! The video light provides photographers and videographers a 3000 lumen, 115º beam angle light. The spot feature is perfect for recreational diving with 800 lumens, and 25-115º beam angle. Don’t disturb sea life when using the Red light mode. With the same light, you can bring the coral to life with the UV option with a burn time of 4.5 hours. Four options, one light! The Galaxy II is perfect for any dive.

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Light Output : up to 3000 lumen
Beam Angle : Adjustable 25˚ » 115˚
Color Temp : 5000-5700K
Multi-function : Yes…
high • medium • low • strobe • SOS
Multi-mode : video (3000 lumen) •
spot (800 lumen) • red • UV

Weight : 1.14 lbs.
Size : 5.1” length x 2” diameter
Switch : Magnetic toggle
Depth Rating : 328ft / 100m

Rechargeable Battery : 3x 18650 Li-ion
Video (3000 lumen) Burn Time : 2-4 hours
Spot (800 lumen) Burn Time : 4-10 hours
Red Mode Burn Time : 6-22 hours
UV Mode Burn Time : 4.5 hours

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