Full Face Snorkel Mask – Gray XS

The mask is an ideal choice for anyone who has suffered a gag reflex due to incoming water or sore jaw muscles from biting on a traditional snorkel to keep it in place.

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We designed our full face snorkel mask with unobstructed 180° vision and ultra-clear, anti-fog, anti-leak construction so any snorkeler can have an enjoyable experience.Our integrated, no mouth piece, dry snorkel set prevents water from flowing into the mask and enables natural breathing through both
the mouth and nose. The orange top makes the snorkeler easier to spot in the water. The mask is designed to afford a comfortable fit for adults and children alike. The adjustable snorkel mask straps on each side meet at the top for one continuous smooth strip on the back to ensure the mask snorkel set stays in place at all times.
At 12 x 7 inches, our full face snorkel mask is up to 20% smaller and lighter than other full face masks. It is less bulky and takes substantially less space in a suitcase. Fun for newcomers and seasoned snorkeling pros

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