DWD Honu Regulator

The Honu regulator package offers effortless breathing delivered by a simple, ultra-lightweight design. Properly maintained, this regulator will provide decades of consistent performance. First Stage • Yoke with piston design • 1HP and 4LP ports • Chrome on marine brass construction • Compatible with up
to EAN 40/ Nitrox 40% right out of box • CE approved 2nd Stage • Pneumatically balanced for the ultimate in breathing performance • Adjustable venturi lever • Exhaust tee channels bubbles out of field vision • Comfort mouthpiece to eliminate jaw fatigue • 29-inch hose • CE approved

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Innovative Scuba Concepts Honu
“The Honu scuba diving regulator delivers solid performance and earned a high score for ease of breathing. ”
Jon Whittle

Best known for its huge catalog of dive accessories, Innovative Scuba Concepts has expanded its gear line with a pair of new scuba regulators, including the Honu. With a piston first stage outwardly similar to several of the regs here (including the single HP port), the Honu’s performance on the ANSTI simulator was rated very good at recreational depths, though it tailed off a bit at our greatest test depths. In the water, the Honu delivered solid performance, with divers rating it very good for ease of breathing in all attitudes except face-up (where it was still rated good), and very good for dry performance in all positions. The second stage is about average in size but quite light, and was rated very good for comfort. Divers found the purge soft and progressive, and the Venturi control did its job well and was easy to use. Available for sale as a Dealers with doors product.

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